Linda was the first girl and the third patient flown to France for the same open heart surgery by Pikin Bizness. Lynda was flown to France foreign based partner Mr. David Applefield had concluded all arrangement. She was accompanied by a Canadian Journalist Amanda on-board Brussels Airlines. Her operation was done in October 2006 in George Pompidou Hospital and was in France for a period of three months while she recovered. After which, returned home accompanied by the Chairman of Pikin Bizness, Dr. Adonis Abboud. Linda is one Pikin Bizness heart patient who had a lot of Media exposure. She was taken from Freetown to Paris by Brussels Airlines accompanied by a Canadian Human Rights Journalist Miss Amanda Fortier who wrote an interesting report entitled A LIFE TO DECLARE and posted on the Airline’s In flight Magazine. She always managed to smile to the Camera. Linda’s father was killed by the rebels in a village around Masimbi before she was born. The mother died 2 weeks after giving birth to Linda. She was then adopted. Her adopted mother brought her to Pikin Bizness on advice by our Consultant Dr. Olu -Black that she has a congenital heart disease called “HOLE IN THE HEART”. She had few months to live unless operated. While in Paris a full diagnostic was carried out at the famous HOPITAL GEORGE POMPIDOU. Unlike the male patients The Heart Surgeon did the incision under her arm rather than on the Chest. The surgery was a complete success. She was then taken to the intensive care unit see the photo attached, even then she kept displaying her joyful nature with her thumbs up. She was flown back home in style accompanied by Pikin Bizness Chairman. See Linda today she is 18 years old preparing to sit for her WASCE exam, she came to visit us and collected a copy of HASSAN SANNOH ‘S just launched new version of Examination Guide on WASSCE for secondary schools in West Africa See her holding the book