Pikin Bizness: Empowering the Future of Sierra Leone's Children


dr adonis

Dr. Adonis Abboud


Mrs. Barbara Bangura


Miss Shellac Sonny Davies

The Founders

In January 2001, three people
came together; Dr Adonis Abboud, Shellac Sonny Davies and
Barbara Bangura, and launched a Charitable Organization called
Pikin Bizness. The first three years, in collaboration with WFP,
the US Embassy and UNAMSIL, with sponsorship from DSTV/SL,
a helicopter was flown country-wide during the Christmas
holiday on each of these years, distributing gifts ranging from
sweets, drinks, radio sets, school bags, to educational materials
to children. Caritas Makeni [a Catholic NGO], International
Medical Corp, [IMC] and other NGOs helped identify the
children. Four years later, in 2005, having spotted a campaign
launched by the Exclusive Newspaper, advertising and
appealing for help for Abu Bakarr Jalloh, a six year old boy with
a hole in his heart, Pikin Bizness embarked on a larger campaign
targeting mainly children with heart deficiencies, especially
children with holes in their hearts and other related diseases.
After the campaign, Pikin Bizness then embarked on a larger
campaign in the country to raise funds in order to save the life
of a young boy who was about to die.

Our International Partners

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Our Achievments

  • Dr. Adonis Abboud receives Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub receives the Order of Merit.
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Funds Raised

Our Mission

To create a safe environment where trained key workers provide support and mentoring tailored to the needs of children and their environment.

Help us in our mission

"Your contributions can help save the lives of children in need. By donating, you provide critical medical care, educational support, and a brighter future for the children of Sierra Leone."