Bella Bah was the youngest and the fourth that was flown to France for heart surgery as well. She was born on the 17 March 2006. She was diagnosed with a hole in the heart. This little girl find it very difficult to live with a diseased that even adult to survive with, Bella was one of my many toddlers who were unfortunate to be born in a country that lack advance medical equipment and poor healthcare facilities to detect anomalies in pregnant woman before giving birth. The timely intervention of Pikin Bizness saved the life of this child. She was also flown to France for the operation and had the opportunity to live a healthy life after the operation. In May 2007, she was operated upon through a procedure know as Cauterization, one of the latest scientific medical breakthroughs which replace a surgical intervention. Because Bella did not go through an open heart surgery, her stay in France was short compared to the past cases. Bella was accompanied by her mother to and from Paris and she is now attending school.